Taking some time to ourselves is necessary

Taking some time to ourselves is necessary

This week I was talking with a person and she asked me what I used to do during my day. I answered that I study in the morning, do some things of my academic projects in the afternoon and rest in the night. I guess you can't imagine how chocked I was to hear from that person that I have an "easy life", because I take my nights for myself.

She said - and she was pround for saying that - that she was busy from the morning until her time to go to bed. For her, that's the way that she is gonna conquer the world, or something like that. And she was judging me because I wasn't doing the same. It's like "if you have the night available, so, yes, you can do more tasks on your day without saying you have no time for that".

That situation made me think: what are people doing with their minds? How can we live so fast in this world (no much more than a hundred years, if we are lucky) and not take some time for ourselves? I mean, I make my tasks in the best way that I can, but I don't live for them, and I'm not them.

There's, at least, two things that I can point about this: 1) what if we take all of our days to complete tasks, like a machine, and then things go wrong? Can you imagine how frustating would that be? Because it won't only be the fact that we gave our time to do that, it's gonna be the fact that we gave ALL of our time, not enjoying anything in the path. So, at the end, we would have nothing and I think it would be really depressing.

2) We can achieve all of our goals and, then, realize that that's over and we have nothing. Because we took all of our time to do our work and forgot that we were missing our familly and friends in the way. Not literally, because they can be there in person, but if you were never there for them, they might not want to enjoy your achievements with you. And this don't make them selfish, this make them fair. And I think it would be depressing too.

There's a saying that says "study while they sleep, work while they have fun, fight while they rest, then live what they ever dreamed". But I say: do that and you'll be dead while they're alive. We have to do what's necessary at college or work, but we can't normalize the overweight on our shoulders. We are human beings, so let's understand and respect our limits, because we do have limits.

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